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Success in this competitive aviation industry, requires the implementation of many processes. One of those processes is Aircraft Parts, Appliances and Components Handling, Transportation and Storage.

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  • Get up to 2 hours of Personal Instructor feedback / interaction over 6 weeks

  • Online, In-house and Blended Learning Delivery Options

  • Proven course with High Ratings from past participants

  • Gain Hard Copy Certificate of Completion by Courier

  • Weekly Activities, Q&A Forums and Exercises for Maximum Retention of Knowledge

Who Should Attend

All Quality Assurance, Maintenance, Production, Supply Management, Purchasing and applicable Operations Personnel related to the information contained in this course.

Passenger, Freight, Business and General aircraft operations require the support of airworthy parts, appliances and components despite the aircraft size or fleet population being operated. Regardless of its condition (Airworthy, Scrap, Unairworthy, Repairable), each of them requires different handling, transportation and storage. This course will allow you to discover the impact of Aircraft Materials Handling, Transportation and Storage regarding airworthiness and how the process works.

Week 1: Presentation

Presentation 1 – Part Pedigree

Documentation Requirements

  • FAR/EASA Regulations

Who needs the documents?

  • Mechanics
  • Inspectors
  • Transportation Personnel
  • Warehouse Personnel
  • Stockroom Personnel
  • Shipping Personnel
  • Receiving Personnel

Part Process

Part Handling / Storage

Part Airworthiness

What produces Un-airworthy Parts

What produces Un-airworthy Parts

Week 2: Presentation

Presentation 2 – Parts Handling Goals

Damage Prevention

  • Proper Packaging for transportation/shipping
  • HAZMAT Knowledge
  • Protection from Environment
  • Proper Storage
  • Proper Handling

Regulatory and Contractual Requirements

  • Maintenance Facility
  • Maintenance Facility Providing Service to other Operators
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations
  • Vendor Contracts

Certificate of Conformance

Part Packaging

Standards for Stocking & Handling Aviation Parts

What is my Role?

Week 3: Presentation

Presentation 3 – Formal Policy

What are the Benefits?

What are the Negatives?

General Policy Content

  • Identification of who is responsible
  • Violation reporting
  • Awareness of special protection
  • Alertness that all aviation parts (serviceable, unserviceable or scrap must be handed the same)
  • Notice of handling fixtures requirements
  • Caution of personnel hazards (belt buckles, rings, buttons, watchbands or other items contacting aviation parts)

Week 4: Exercises

Participant Assignment

  1. Prepare an outline for a formal company policy for Aviation Material Handling and Transportation for the following Aviation Maintenance Repair Organization.
  2. Instructor to provide 3 to 5 slides about the capabilities, organization structure and physical layout of the facility.
  3. Participants have to provide an outline for review..

Week 5: Exercises

Case Study – ValuJet Flight 592 Accident

  1. Examination of 1 part “Oxygen Generator”
  2. Packaging
  3. Company policy
  4. Contract Requirements
  5. Documentation
  6. Transportation
  7. HAZMAT Handling

Week 6: Exercises

Presentation 4 – Your Role

  1. Management
  2. Maintenance
  3. Quality Assurance
  4. Supply Personnel

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What the Past Participants Say About Our Courses?

The new ideologies brought up and applicability. Many Thanks to Paul for his great work!
Stephane Landry
Seaplane Pilot / Jet Ops, Dubai
It was nice to see some other perspectives and refresh some concepts.
Caio Rosante Garcia
Captain / Azul Brazilian Airlines, Brazil
I would like to thank Outcomy team for maintaining a cordial relationship with the participants.
Raman Giridhar
Licensed Aircraft Engineer / Air Canada Jazz, Canada
I liked the interaction between the participants since it allows to draw from others’ experiences.
Erika LaCour-Loyd
Lead Engineer – Reliability Engineering / American Airlines, USA
The course got me thinking and it was nice to see how others do things around the world.
Jo-Anne Fletcher
Airworthiness Assistant / Flybe, United Kingdom
I like the way in which the course was organized and I could participate at my convenience.
Boril Yonchev
Planning & Engineering Department / Lufthansa Technik Sofia Ltd., Bulgaria
Very good "Case Studies", since they helped directly apply the learning.
Maurizio Tomassi
Planning & Continuous Airworthiness Surveillance Manager / INAER Aviation Italia

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Leslie Munnings, Bahamas Air, Past Participant

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