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The new ideologies brought up and applicability. Many Thanks to Paul for his great work!
Stephane Landry
Seaplane Pilot / Jet Ops, Dubai
It was nice to see some other perspectives and refresh some concepts.
Caio Rosante Garcia
Captain / Azul Brazilian Airlines, Brazil
I would like to thank Outcomy team for maintaining a cordial relationship with the participants.
Raman Giridhar
Licensed Aircraft Engineer / Air Canada Jazz, Canada
I liked the interaction between the participants since it allows to draw from others’ experiences.
Erika LaCour-Loyd
Lead Engineer – Reliability Engineering / American Airlines, USA
The course got me thinking and it was nice to see how others do things around the world.
Jo-Anne Fletcher
Airworthiness Assistant / Flybe, United Kingdom
I like the way in which the course was organized and I could participate at my convenience.
Boril Yonchev
Planning & Engineering Department / Lufthansa Technik Sofia Ltd., Bulgaria
Very good "Case Studies", since they helped directly apply the learning.
Maurizio Tomassi
Planning & Continuous Airworthiness Surveillance Manager / INAER Aviation Italia

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Certificate of Completion


Leslie Munnings, Bahamas Air, Past Participant


Aviation Safety Management System (SMS)

Duration: 6 Weeks Online
Other Delivery Options Available: In-house/Blended Learning 

This Online Course has simplified the complex SMS Information by combining the regulatory requirements from FAA, ICAO and EASA and provides a path and flow that is easy to follow and comprehend.

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Aircraft Records Management

Duration: 6 Weeks Online
Other Delivery Options Available: In-house/Blended Learning 
Aviation authorities around the world require airlines, leasing companies, and aircraft owners to create records that document their activities and file records for safe storage and efficient retrieval. Maintaining perfect aircraft records ensures the value of the asset maintained, and it will simplify and expedite any lease transition. Accurate and organized records will allow potential lessees or buyers to easily assess the aircraft for valuation and will allow for a smooth transition. Poor records management can devalue an aircraft so it is pertinent to understand basic records maintenance principles. This course will guide you and introduce you through an aircraft technical records review and audit for redelivery of aircraft in an efficient manner. FAA and EASA references will be used throughout the course.

“For the first time, I participated in an online course and I am very pleasantly surprised that I like this kind of training more than a standard course in classroom! During the first week, I learned many new things, especially for the cases which I have never encountered in my practice.”

Introduction to Aircraft Leasing

Duration: 6 Weeks Online
Other Delivery Options Available: In-house/Blended Learning 
This course will explain the services the aircraft leasing industry offers. Topics that will be addressed include principles of the aircraft leasing industry, financing options and costs, aircraft values, and current industry trends and outlook. Government standards will be discussed to include authorities such as the FAA and EASA as well as international organizations such as ISTAT and IATA.

“My approach to leasing has become more knowledgeable. Very good learning platform of furthering your knowledge base in aviation business.”

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Aircraft Maintenance Planning – A Practical Hands-On Approach

Duration: 6 Weeks Online
Other Delivery Options Available: None

Covering the regulatory Requirements from EASA and FAA, this online learning course will introduce you to most of the planning considerations based on the facilitator’s experience and will help you and your organization achieve excellence in maintenance planning. This course will also benefit aspiring planners and other senior managers seeking to increase their awareness of various departments.

“It was very interesting, though brain teasing and tough. It has helped all of us to understand the very basics of Maintenance Planning.”

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Aircraft Reliability Monitoring & Maintenance Cost

Duration: 6 Weeks Online
Other Delivery Options Available: In-house/Blended Learning  

Covering the regulatory Requirements from JAA, EASA and FAA, this online learning course outlines the background of the Aircraft Reliability Program, as part of the operator’s Maintenance Program and will specifically emphasize on issues related to Maintenance Cost. This course is based on a combination of facilitator’s industry experience and the safety management principles for the development, operation and maintenance of aircraft.

“Very good “Case Studies”, since they let us able to directly apply the learning. Thanks to all Outcomy team!”

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Aviation Quality Management and Auditing

Duration: 6 Weeks Online
Other Delivery Options Available: In-house/Blended Learning 

This course will cover all of the applicable and necessary aspects of an Aviation Quality Management System along with the associated Auditing regime based on the facilitators’ extensive experience and background in the Aviation business. He will be there to help you achieve a good grounding in the subject that will assist you to go on and work within the Quality Management System of an aviation organisation.

“Course content was valuable and informative. It satisfied my need to be trained in this area to hold the Quality Manager position in a Part 145 organization. It certainly made me think and required more input and concentration than I initially expected.”

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Airworthiness and Maintenance Programmes

Duration: 6 Weeks Online
Other Delivery Options Available: In-house/Blended Learning 

The operator is responsible for determining what maintenance is required, when it has to be performed and by whom and to what standard, in order to ensure the continued airworthiness of the aircraft being operated. Part of this responsibility is achieved by the aircraft being maintained to an approved programme. Understanding where the programme and tasks come from and how they are established is important when managing the programme as an operator or owner. The compliance monitoring department personnel also need to have this knowledge to ensure the operator’s responsibilities are fulfilled. Knowing which tasks can’t be changed and those which can, through an analysis process will aid in optimising the programme for more effective and lower cost maintenance.

“MSG-3 methodology explanation is very simple and clear.”

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Aviation Parts Handling Cost & Risk Management

Duration: 6 Weeks Online
Other Delivery Options Available: In-house/Blended Learning 

Success in this competitive aviation industry, requires the implementation of many processes. One of those processes is Aircraft Parts, Appliances and Components Handling, Transportation and Storage. Passenger, Freight, Business and General aircraft operations require the support of airworthy parts, appliances and components despite the aircraft size or fleet population being operated. Regardless of its condition (Airworthy, Scrap, Unairworthy, Repairable), each of them requires different handling, transportation and storage. This course will allow you to discover the impact of Aircraft Materials Handling, Transportation and Storage regarding airworthiness and how the process works.

"I will further implement LSW, Appoint a “Rapid Response Team”, Concentrate on Main Value Stream and Make our charts/KPI's more visible to our staff"

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