The Outcome-Oriented Academy

Ergonomics and Human Factors for Safety & Productivity in the Process Industries

6-Week Online Learning Course Led by Dr. Dennis A. Attwood, Senior Human Factors Engineering Specialist


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What the past participants say?

"For me, this course was really useful in implementing HF in all new projects. This course gave a complete and detailed learning of HF and Ergonomics and also many lessons learned from problems experienced by peer participants. Happy to be part of this course!"
Gaëlle Paya
Technical Safety Engineer / Repsol, Spain
"The content and structure of this training is fantastic and the training outcome was very positive. The platform is very user friendly and nice to go through. I'm into Human Factors Engineering and hope will change my day-to-day business"
Alexis Manuel Rodriguez Durante
HSE Manager in Projects / Siemens, Norway
"By attending this course, I became aware of several tools that are available to me when doing Ergonomic evaluations. This will prove useful down the road. There is clearly a wealth of information & experience that Dennis possess."
Jeff Schrems
Flexible Technician Trainer / Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation, USA
"I would say the course was excellent for me. I see myself going back to the lessons at a later date to remind myself of the wealth of information that was passed on in this course, as well as find ways to incorporate them in my day-to-day."
Gina Nwose
Technical Safety Consultant / Atkins, USA
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Human Factors considers human users first in every piece of equipment and in every system we design. By using this human-centered approach, equipment is easier to use, users make fewer operating errors and they suffer fewer and less severe injuries. The training program that we have designed will familiarize participants with the capabilities, limitations and needs of human operators. The course will show the participants how human factors affect the design process. It will also equip participants to identify human factors issues before they arise. And, finally, it will introduce participants to the processes and tools necessary to design systems using a human-centric approach.

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Course Agenda

Week 1

  1. Pre-Test – Human Factors
  2. Presentation 1 – Introduction to Human Factors
  3. Q&A Forum
  4. Exercise 1 – Arm Length Estimation

Week 2

  1. Presentation 2 – Access to equipment platforms, stairs and ladders
  2. Q&A Forum
  3. Exercise 2 – Workstation Design
  4. Presentation 3 – Analysis of Physical Activities to reduce injuries
  5. Q&A Forum
  6. Exercise 3 – Calculating the NIOSH Safe Lift Equation

Week 3

  1. Presentation 4 – Design and Layout of Field Control Panels
  2. Q&A Forum
  3. Exercise 4.1 –  Control Panel Fired Heater Design
  4. Exercise 4.2 – Control Panel Design – Identify and Fix Errors
  5. Presentation 5 – Workplaces and Workstations: Design and Access
  6. Q&A Forum
  7. Exercise 5 – Link Analysis of Mechanical Shop

Week 4

  1. Presentation 6 – Valve Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance
  2. Q&A Forum
  3. Exercise 6 – Valve Risk Assessment

Week 5

  1. Presentation 7 – Avoiding Human Error
  2. Q&A Forum
  3. Exercise 7.1 – Fitts’ Law
  4. Exercise 7.2 – Control – Display Stereotypes
  5. Exercise 7.3 – Expectations

Week 6

  1. Presentation 8 – Process Control System & Alarm Management
  2. Q&A Forum
  3. Post-Test – Human Factors
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About the Instructor – Dr. Dennis A. Attwood, Senior Human Factors Engineering Specialist


Dennis Attwood has over 40 years of experience as a specialist in Human Factors Engineering with the Government of Canada, Imperial Oil Limited, ExxonMobil Corporation and as a senior consultant with Aon Risk Engineering. Dennis works primarily in the application of Human Factors to the design and operation of major Process plants and in the analysis of process control systems. Dennis is a Registered Professional Engineer in Ontario, Canada and a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (US). He holds a Bachelors of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo (Canada), a Masters in Industrial Engineering from the University of Miami (US) and a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Ohio State University (US).  He has authored over 180 publications in the field. In 1996 he published his first book entitled “The Office Relocation Sourcebook” through John Wiley and Sons, New York.  In 2004, he co-authored “Ergonomic Solutions for the Process Industries”. through Elsevier Publishers.  In 2007 he co-authored the CCPS Book “Human Factors Methods for Improving Performance in the Process Industries.” Wiley, New York. In 2009, he co-authored a CCPS Book entitled “A Practical Approach to Hazard Identification for Operations and Maintenance Workers” Wiley New York. Dr. Attwood is a past member of the Board of Certified Professional Ergonomists, American Society of Safety Engineers, the National Safety Council (US) and a Founding member, Past President and Fellow of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE)

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Who Should Attend?

  • Operations Personnel
  • HSE Specialists
  • Design Engineers
    • Maintenance Professionals
    • Project Engineers
    • Engineering Managers
      • Industrial Hygienists
      • Field Engineers
      • Ergonomics Professionals
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