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Aviation Safety Leadership and Communication Skills

6-Week Online Course

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"In a recent survey we asked participants how often they have met aviation professionals who had excellent technical skills but lacked interpersonal skills. The following is the response from pilots, maintenance and operations staff, 85% of whom mentioned that they have very often met such people."

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Why this Course?

This program offers a practice-based framework to lead effectively as one’s natural self-expression. This program does not teach “about safety leadership”, rather it helps you develop the habits to remain resilient and develop the habits of effective safety leadership. By using the models presented in this program, you will be able to generate a high level of self-awareness and the power to change safety behaviors.

What the past participants say?

I found the course very interesting and constructive in general. I learned a lot of new things (or sometimes not new, but with a different approach and interpretation). I am already trying to apply some of these concepts into my daily functions and tasks.

Maxime Wauters (Past Participant)
Safety Manager, ASL Private Jet Services, Belgium

Thank you to all involved in putting this course together. I have learnt a lot and look forward to using what I learnt in my new aviation career. There was a lot of good information shared and I look forward to seeing how I can implement it in my life.

Nick Hawke (Past Participant)
International Pilot and Trainer, South Africa

I found the course very interesting. I hope to apply some of the lessons learned to my day to day management of my team, especially in how I communicate to them. I also hope to develop some strategies and vision that are currently missing.

Michael Game (Past Participant)
Section Chief, C Series System Safety, Bombardier Aerospace, Canada

I am somewhat smitten with the principles learned in this course, and espouse them to others whenever I can. I now have the additional knowledge to assist me in making decisions, forming opinions and planning conversations.

Mike Harris (Past Participant)
Manager – Engineering Services, Jetstar Airways, Australia

Highly Engaging Materials, Weekly Reflective Activities and Interactive Discussions

Presented by Dan Newby, Safety and Risk Leadership Coach and Trainer

Dan is heading the safety and risk leadership practice at Outcomy and is the lead facilitator and coach working with aviation professionals worldwide. His background in education, 16 years as an ontological coach and 10 years delivering organizational training and coaching have prepared him for this work. His roles have included working internationally as COO and CEO of Newfield Network, USA, considered one of the premier coaching schools globally where he was also a senior course leader for 8 years. Dan is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Dan has taught, presented and coached with leaders and organizations in the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Latin America and Jamaica.

An integrated approach to building resilience across the organization

A practical learning framework developed to transform every employee into a safety leader and create a positive safety culture in your organization.

  • Interact Personally with a World Class Leadership Coach and Trainer
  • Achieve higher levels of Safety and develop “Just Culture” by Learning Trust as a Skill
  • Learn 25 actionable Processes, Tools and Methods to Create a Safety Culture in your Organization
  • Learn how to Communicate Effectively with Clarity and generate desired action
  • Online, In-house and Blended Learning Delivery Options
  • Gain Certificate of Completion upon Successful Completion
  • If you Practice the Methods Covered, Results are Guaranteed

24x7 Learning Anywhere. Anytime. Flexible and Convenient. No time off from work.

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