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Aviation Safety Management System (SMS)

6-Week Online Course

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This Online Course has simplified the complex SMS Information by combining the regulatory requirements from FAA, ICAO and EASA and provides a path and flow that is easy to follow and comprehend.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Unique SMS Course.

  • Gain the Knowledge and Tools to Begin Developing Your Own Safety Management System

  • Online, In-house and Blended Learning Delivery Options

  • Interact Personally on 1-ON-1 basis with a World Class Instructor

  • Gain Certificate of Completion and CEUs from International Society of Safety Professionals (ISSP)

  • Weekly Activities and Exercises for Maximum Retention of Knowledge

Train Everyone! Enterprise-Wide Delivery Options Available.

  • Flight Operations
  • Operational Control (Dispatch)
  • Engineering and Maintenance

  • Cabin Safety
  • Ground Handling Services
  • Cargo Handling

  • Airport Safety
  • Training
  • Supply and Purchasing

Week 1: Overview of Aviation Safety Management System (SMS)

The aviation industry is experiencing constant change. As technology is developed and applied the safety hazards also change. SMS is only one component of an organization and must exist in every department throughout the organization. Public safety is paramount.

Week 2: Safety Policy

Cultivation of a better understanding and practical application of a Safety Management System Policy. By discussing some different approaches to creating the formal policy and explore key elements. Developing a better understanding of what makes a good formal safety policy and why it demonstrates the commitment of the senior management is import. The key elements of the safety policy form the foundation for the safety management system.

Week 3: Safety Risk Management

Members of the aviation industry are obligated to ensure that the safety risks they face are controlled and achieve their desired safety performance targets. The different processes and sub-process to accomplish the desired safety performance indicators will be offered.  Tools to help expedite the implementation of the processes and lessen the problem presented will be provided.

Week 4: Safety Assurance

Safety assurance processes ensure that safety risk controls achieve their intended objectives and are used to asses operations to identify new hazards. Safety assurance includes continuously monitoring systems of interest and assessing the need for new risk controls, modification of ineffective risk controls, or elimination of those no longer needed due to changes in the operational environment.

Week 5: Safety Promotion

The many different means of promoting the safety is the key to developing a positive safety culture. Safety promotion is accomplished within the organization and extends out to service providers and customers. Influencing the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values of the employees, service providers and customers is a winner for everyone.

Week 6: Human Factors Role in Safety Culture

Human factors play a role in approximately 80% of all accidents and incidents. Removal of the human element in the aviation industry is not possible therefore the science of human factors must be applied to any safety management system.

Probability of losing your life in an aircraft accident ranges from 1 in 260,000 to 1 in 11,000,000.

This is a difference of 10,740,000 (almost 42 times better)

Why such a large variance? The answer is Safety Culture

What the Past Participants Say About Our Courses?

The new ideologies brought up and applicability. Many Thanks to Paul for his great work!
Stephane Landry
Seaplane Pilot / Jet Ops, Dubai
It was nice to see some other perspectives and refresh some concepts.
Caio Rosante Garcia
Captain / Azul Brazilian Airlines, Brazil
I would like to thank Outcomy team for maintaining a cordial relationship with the participants.
Raman Giridhar
Licensed Aircraft Engineer / Air Canada Jazz, Canada
I liked the interaction between the participants since it allows to draw from others’ experiences.
Erika LaCour-Loyd
Lead Engineer – Reliability Engineering / American Airlines, USA
The course got me thinking and it was nice to see how others do things around the world.
Jo-Anne Fletcher
Airworthiness Assistant / Flybe, United Kingdom
I like the way in which the course was organized and I could participate at my convenience.
Boril Yonchev
Planning & Engineering Department / Lufthansa Technik Sofia Ltd., Bulgaria
Very good "Case Studies", since they helped directly apply the learning.
Maurizio Tomassi
Planning & Continuous Airworthiness Surveillance Manager / INAER Aviation Italia

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Leslie Munnings, Bahamas Air, Past Participant

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