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What they say about Outcomy?

Outcomy - The Outcome-Oriented Academy

The course got me thinking and it was nice to see how others do things around the world. I enjoyed the fact that I actually put time by to learn things that I don’t normally do.
Joe-Ann Fletcher
Flybe, United Kingdom
I liked the interaction between the participants since it allows to draw from others’ experiences.
Erika LaCour-Loyd
American Airlines, USA
By attending this course, I became aware of several tools that are available to me and there is clearly a wealth of information & experience that the Instructor possess.
Jeff Schrems
Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation, USA
For me, this course was really useful and gave a complete and detailed understanding of the subject from course lessons and problems experienced by peer participants. Happy to be part of this course!
Gaëlle Paya
Repsol, Spain
The content and structure of this training is fantastic and the training outcome was very positive. The platform is very user friendly and nice to go through.
Alexis Manuel Rodriguez Durante
Siemens, Norway
I would say the course was excellent for me. I see myself going back to the lessons at a later date to remind myself of the wealth of information that was passed on in this course.
Gina Nwose
Atkins, USA
First time I had an online learning course and it has been a very nice surprise in terms of flexibility and in terms of concept used during the entire course.
Maurizio Tomassi
INAER Aviation Italia, Italy
I would like to thank Outcomy team in general for maintaining a cordial relationship with the participants.
Raman Giridhar
Air Canada Jazz, Canada
As I have learnt throughout this course I have put the things into play.
James Powell
Alliance Airlines, Australia
I feel more confident now, and I will utilize more plans from now on.
José Volter Morais Coutinho
Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil, Brazil
Overall course was conducted quite right, there were a lot of reading with good information.
Renee Gonzalez
DHL Aero Expreso, S.A., Panama